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Company Payroll Services

Depending on the needs of your business, Precision Accounting can provide custom payroll services that free up your time and give you the assurance that your process is completed expeditiously and accurately.

The payroll services provided by Precision Accounting include:


  • Payroll processing—weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly

  • Payroll taxes—bi-weekly, monthly, and quarterly payroll tax payments made via electronic payment

  • Quarterly Reports—These reports will be prepared and filed four times per year

o   Form 941 will be prepared and submitted electronically

o   Employment Security Commission Reports will be prepared and submitted electronically

  • Annual Filing—Yearly filing of all company W-2 and W-3 Federal tax forms

o   Forms will be prepared and submitted electronically to the government agencies

o   Employee copies of W-2 forms will be issued  

  • Form submission—Any required forms will be prepared and submitted to the proper parties via electronic submission

o   Form 940

o   Form 8027 (Tip Reporting)


In order for Precision Accounting to be recognized and authorized as a Reporting Agent for your payroll processing, the proper forms must be completed and signed. We can prepare those forms for your signature and send them to the government agencies.

“I have worked with Precision Accounting since 2005.

Beth, along with her team, has done a fine job preparing our quarterly filings along with the year-end work. She even proactively seeks ways to help our business take advantage of the tax code.”

~Dave Trout

Trout Insurance

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