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Our firm will continue use of drop off and/or use of the client portal for tax information exchange. During Covid we found our preparers were more efficient without the face to face meetings as in the past. Limited appointments will be made this year based on our available schedule at a charge of $168 per hour. Only make an appointment if you have had a dramatic change in your situation that cannot be discussed on the phone.  The preparers always contact you when they are working on your return with questions and results for no additional fees.
Please make sure all your information is on the Client Information Form and included in the documents delivered to us.  Additional charges may apply for re-working a tax return. If you currently do not use our secure portal, contact our office to have one set up at no cost to you.
We cannot ensure that email is a secure way to exchange your confidential information.  Precision Accounting wants to help stop Identity Theft.  Using our Portal is a Secure method of exchange. Precision will not email you any tax documents. All tax returns must be exchanged through the portal, in person, fax or mail.
Below is a link to the Client Information Form . Please complete this form.  In prior years, clients dropped off their information without the Client Information Form.  Information had changed and we were unable to contact clients which resulted in late filing of their returns, as well as their returns having to be re-done to correct information. Precision Accounting charges additional fees to revise information on a return after the completion of a tax return due in part to missing information from you and will not be responsible for any late fees or penalties arising from lack of being able to communicate with you.

Please complete and bring all forms with you at the time of drop off or when downloading documents to our portal, including the Client Information Form.
Precision would like to avoid having to file amended returns, therefore, please help us serve you better with providing the correct information the first time. 
We look forward to assisting you with your tax returns again this year!
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